Can Warwick Offices do the base?
We understand that many people want to deal with one company and have a turnkey operation to simply add their furniture at the end, hence we are able to offer a groundwork option for customers within 75 miles of CV47. The prices for doing the base include an initial site visit and are based on the site being flat and level within a fall of 100mm. The size of the base will be the same size as the building and it includes a dig out of 150mm depth - filled with 75mm compacted type 1 hardcore and cemented slabs. The soil will be removed from site via a skip - which will be included (providing it can be located off a road) It does not include items such as removing tree roots, or the provision of retaining walls.

If you are outside 75 miles, or would prefer to use your own builder, the customer will need to provide us with a flat and level base,which would need to be either a concrete slab, constructed from 150mm (6") compacted hardcore and 100mm (4") concrete slab, or heavy duty paving slabs onto hadcore and a sand & cement dry mix. A damp proof membrane between the hardcore and the concrete is preferred.

The base will need to be built to the same size as the building that you require, but you will need to provide at least 450mm (18") clearance to the back and sides, in order for us to assemble the building safely. If this is not easily achieved please contact us to see how we can supply & fit your office in the location available. Please also trim overhanging branches etc. that could interfere with the assembly, before the delivery date.


Whoever does the groundwork will need to arrange a site visit, or will need to more information about the site to confirm the exact price for the base. If doing a site visit we would ask a list of questions - click Site Inspection for details.